who we are

We are a team of enthusiastic professionals who bridges the gap between business and IT

Without information, one can not do business anymore today. 90% of all information worldwide has been produced over the last 2 years. Efficient systems to register information, support your business processes, or to give those important insights from the pile of available information, are indispensable.

The importance of optimal information and automation is not underestimated from the business. However, management and its choices are often taken from a technical point of view. It's something that you, as a supervisor or manager, may struggle with. Exactly with that we can help you. i.deeds bridges the gap between business interests and ICT.

Based on our many years of expertise, we focus on four areas:

A practical, no-nonsense and personal approach characterizes our organization. The trust relationship we build with our customers is long-term. We do this by respecting agreements and adding translating words into deeds.