from information to insights

Business Analytics converts information into useful insights that are made available in a fast and uniform way.


data warehouse

The key is a performing, well-secured and optimally structured corporate data warehouse. Operational data is collected and stored in the DWH. The users have access to data for reporting and analyses. That access is provided by the Business Analytics tools.

A powerful ETL tool collects all information from the various operating systems and any external applications (Extract). The data is transformed into a uniform technology and language, with or without the necessary enrichments and controls (Transform). Then they are loaded into the data warehouse (Load). This provides a holistic view of your business, with clear insights from different perspectives that support your operational and strategic choices.


data quality

Incomplete and incorrect data lead to inefficient processes and vice versa. The available data from various source systems are a strategic management tool. The quality of the data is of paramount importance, as incorrect data can lead to wrong insights and decisions and ultimately to undesirable results.

Our business consultants are strongly committed to the slogan "One version of the truth". The same data on which the analyzes are done are available to all users at one central point.

data kwaliteit afbeelding