IBM Analytics Summit 2017

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Data is the driving force behind the world’s digital transformation. Being successful as an organization depends a lot on your capability of having the right insights and on your ability to innovate. State-of-the-art technologies, such as machine learning, offer many new possibilities. But changing regulations and governance can be challenging when building your business future.
How do you lay the foundation for success with data and analytics?

Organizer: IBM Belgium
Our guest speakers:
Bart Alluyn (BI Consultant) & Free Claerbout (BI Team Lead)
13:30h - 14:15h : "Beaulieu International Group Sales Budget Cycle: a smoothly governed process supported by IBM Cognos TM1."
Free entrance

Date: Monday 23rd of October 2017 from 09:00h till 18:00h

IBM Client Center
Bourgetlaan 42
1130 Brussels