i.deeds magazine 06


i.deeds magazine 06

An in-depth process analysis holds up a mirror to a company.

With this sixth issue of i.deeds magazine, we hope to serve up a wealth of useful and interesting information once again. We head off for the West Flanders town of Izegem, where our client Televic has been working for decades on high-tech communication systems for diverse sectors, including transport, conventions and healthcare, and where CEO Lieven Danneels and CIO Luc Jonckheere discuss the different activities of the five specialised companies that form Televic. 

They then elaborate on their achievements abroad and on their successful collaboration with i.deeds, which has helped Televic to select and implement a new ERP system. i.deeds started the project with an in-depth process analysis, which enabled the company to examine its own processes and laid the foundation for detailed and comprehensive specifications. 

Also in this issue, we explain how i.deeds can help you to minimise risk in your projects and we tell you about pin.all, our powerful and low-cost solution for attendance registration.

We hope you enjoy reading this issue.

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