i.deeds magazine 08


i.deeds magazine 08

The participants of 'i.deeds informs' returned with a range of new insights.

We are pleased to offer you the 8th issue of i.deeds Magazine. This edition again contains a lot of information and insights to boost your business. 

As usual, we went to visit one of our customers. This time it is Novy the Belgian market leader in cooker hoods. The company based in Kuurne not only has a rich and very special past, it also keeps a beady eye on the future and countries outside Belgium. At its own pace and true to its brand promise of quality and innovation, it is working on an international story. i.deeds is proud that it is able to support that ambition. 

We also look back on 'i.deeds informs', an informative afternoon organised on 23 February in the buildings of our customer Renson in Waregem. Five speakers talked about the trends that companies will face in the near future. More than 100 attentive participants returned home with a range of new insights. In this issue we pay extra attention to the fascinating lecture by André De Locht (IBM) on making data easy and accessible.

We hope you enjoy this issue. 

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