i.deeds bridges the gap between business and IT

The importance and the opportunities of a digital transformation, as well as the impact on your business, should not be underestimated. This transformation, as well as the choices involved, are often managed from a technical point of view. We believe that value for a business can only be created by managing that transformation from the business itself, based on two components: "business processes" and "data". We can guide you in this, as an entrepreneur or manager.

Discover our story

Who are we?

i.deeds is a team of driven specialists focused on business intelligence, process management, support of selection processes for IT packages, guidance on the implementation of new IT applications and the realisation of tailor-made solutions. Why the name i.deeds? Because we focus on energy, commitment, dynamism and a personal approach.

Our approach

Independent advice, always based on your specific situation. A no-nonsense approach with long term commitment and always with the goal to realise added value for your company or business unit. Extensive know-how and many years of experience in the field of BI-projects, process management, support of selection processes, the guidance of IT implementations and the building of custom solutions.

"i.deeds wants to stay awake and vigilant. For ourselves, but primarily for our customers." Lionel Vanpoucke managing director i.deeds nv

Choosing i.deeds means choosing:

  • Business people who speak your language and who have years of experience in analysing and implementing business processes.
  • A pragmatic approach with a sense of reality and reliability.
  • Projects with verifiable added value to you.
  • A practical and personal approach with a focus on open communication.
  • A long term relationship in which integrity and full commitment are key.
  • An attractive employer for both young and experienced talents that everyone can be proud of.