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BI Consultant Olivier: "At i.deeds, you get the chance to continuously update your knowledge"

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A few weeks ago, i.deeds welcomed a new Business Intelligence Consultant. Olivier has already settled in completely, and is eager to start his first project. In this article, he talks about how he experienced the past few weeks at i.deeds.

How did your first weeks at i.deeds go?

"Extremely well! I have never had such a learning and enjoyable onboarding period before. I feel very welcome, am given enough time and space to settle in, I can master the new applications and technologies at my own pace, and refresh things like SQL. In addition, I have been assigned an experienced supervisor who helps me, but already lets me work independently and encourages me to be critical. And last but not least: my first project is already coming up, so as far as I'm concerned, it couldn't have gone better."

Can you briefly describe what your position at i.deeds entails?

"I am a Business Intelligence Consultant. That means I organize data warehouses, perform data optimizations, do dashboarding and create new and valuable insights at companies.”

You already have some years of experience, don't you?

"True, I've been in the BI world for eight years now. Whereas the first few years I worked mainly on projects at medium-sized companies, my focus has been on the analysis, development and implementation of a fintech solution at large international companies for the last five years. At that time I worked mainly in Qlik, but I am open to new technologies, which is also one of the reasons why I chose for a new adventure at i.deeds." 

Why’s that?

"I think it's important to keep on learning. As a consultant at i.deeds, you get the chance to discover new technologies and continuously update your knowledge. In my opinion, that is a great added value. In addition, the project-based work and the close contact with clients also appeal to me enormously. The vibe that i.deeds exudes is contagious. The company has a no-nonsense approach, but in a family environment. I like that mentality.”

Is that adjusting for you?

"A new job is always an adjustment, but I already feel completely at home here! The new technologies offer a nice challenge, but there is certainly enough support from i.deeds to assist me in this as much as possible. That makes the adjustment all the easier and more enjoyable."

The company has a no-nonsense approach, but in a family environment. I like that mentality. Olivier Claerhout, Business Consultant at i.deeds

You will now be much closer to the customer. Do you think that's important?

"Absolutely! I find it important that I can add value, think along with the customer, and challenge certain things. Being in close contact with the customer, making an abstraction of certain problems, high-level reordering, making optimizations,... Those are real motivators for me.

"When can a project be called a success for you?

"When I've at least been able to do everything the customer asked. With my applications or my dashboards, I want to tell a story, so that the client immediately sees what it's about and he gets a clear picture, so that maybe I can provide even more help than was initially requested."

In what area do you hope to excel at i.deeds?

"I have a fairly analytical mind and can see order in disorder, which also allows me to shift gears quickly. I'm also creative, so telling a story using visualizations is something I'd like to do at i.deeds. You also get a lot of learning opportunities here as a consultant, so I hope to hone my knowledge soon."

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