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Get advice from experts who will take your organisation to the next level. A CIO on your Advisory Board provides valuable leadership and strategic insight on technology and digital transformation. They effectively align IT with business goals, foster innovation and help make data-driven decisions for successful growth.

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Why choose an external CIO on your Advisory Board?

  • An external CIO on the advisory board brings independent and specialised information technology knowledge, supporting strategic decisions with relevant and objective insights.

  • We bring fresh perspectives and new ideas into your organisation, because our external CIO is not directly involved in day-to-day operations. This stimulates innovation and creativity within your organisation.

  • An external CIO can help shape the organisation's ICT strategy, taking into account trends, technologies and industry best practices, thereby giving the organisation a competitive advantage.

  • We bring with us a valuable network of contacts, giving the organisation access to new business opportunities, partnerships and expertise that would otherwise be difficult to reach.

Bram Vergote

"Finsiders has grown very strongly in two years, which made it important to add the necessary expertise to our Advisory Board. With the expertise of i.deeds, we have a sounding board to help us in our digital transformation and our services to customers. Their added value is very high."

Bram Vergote
General Manager, Finsiders

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