#WeOwn - Taking your career into your own hands

Simon Sileghem
Mon, 08/28/2023 - 14:42 - 3 minuten

To give responsibility is to give trust. At i.deeds, we need to give trust to colleagues and rely on colleagues to assume their roles and responsibilities to the fullest. To be given responsibility is to assume responsibility. Ownership is also the pursuit of service excellence and optimal results. As such, we try to blow third parties away by our professional and positive approach. i.changers are self-reliant, can work autonomously and think independently. Yet we must also dare to ask for help or ask questions. Nobody is perfect and has all the knowledge. However, we do not come with questions but with possible solutions.

Taking matters in your own hands

At i.deeds, we provide our consultants with the necessary framework. For example, we have our own i.deeds Academy with numerous exciting training courses and a team of Talent Managers and Business Managers to coach our consultants and provide them with exciting projects. However, we do not believe in a one-fits-all approach, every i.changer is unique and gets the chance to map out their own path. i.deeds offers the tools, but the steering wheel is in their own hands!


Ownership and responsibilities

Ownership is very much a core value at i.deeds, but being in control also means being given responsibilities. We take on our role , but so does the mandate that comes with it. Our i.changers tackle the challenges that come their way dutifully, committedly and purposefully.

De i.deeds Innovation Board

Intrapreneurship is at the heart of i.deeds and we put these words into practice. Our people are not only at the wheel of their careers, they are also at the wheel of i.deeds. The i.deeds Innovation Board is composed of a team of i.changers who contribute ideas on self-chosen, important topics such as communication or mobility. In this way, we create a platform through which we get valuable input from our i.changers. This way, they can actively help build our organisation and we can further optimise our operations according to the wishes of our people.

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