Business Intelligence Consultant

Data, Data, Data, …. Onze klanten beschikken vandaag niet alleen meer over hun eigen gestructureerde data maar ook over ongestructureerde, IoT data, … en externe data. Snel beslissingen nemen aan de hand van actuele en accurate informatie is meer dan ooit een noodzaak.  Dat vraagt een efficiënte en doordachte architectuur. i.deeds helpt zijn klanten om cruciale informatie zichtbaar te maken en zodoende de juiste beslissingen te nemen. 

Om de groeiende vraag van onze klanten te kunnen beantwoorden zijn we op zoek naar een Business Intelligence Consultant.

Fascinated by this position?

Applying is very easy! Mail your CV and motivation letter to If your CV matches the profile we are looking for, we will contact you as soon as possible to schedule an introductory meeting.

What happens after my application?

You can expect feedback by e-mail within a week following your application.

During an initial exploratory meeting with the CEO, we mainly assess your expectations and your motivation. The aim is to check if you see yourself fitting into our corporate culture. You will also get the opportunity to hear the vision and strategy of i.deeds first-hand.

Meet a future colleague.

What is expected of you in a specific position?
It is important that you understand this well in advance. That is why meeting a future colleague is ideal. You can fire all your questions.

Welcome to our team!

Did you successfully complete the selection process? Then all that remains is to sign your contract. Congratulations and welcome to the team!