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Within i.deeds, we have built a strong network of CIOs who support and challenge companies in their digital growth. These i.changers meet periodically to exchange knowledge and best practices and strengthen themselves and our customers. Fancy joining this community?

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    What does a CIO ad interim do?

    As CIO, you are the dynamic IT leader who accelerates strategic IT initiatives, optimises efficiency and drives technological innovation. In this way, you prepare companies to grow digitally and build a valuable bridge between technology and business goals.

    • Leads strategic IT initiatives, sets guidelines and promotes technological innovation.
    • Identifies opportunities and risks, optimises IT infrastructure and implements effective systems and processes.
    • Manages budgets, negotiates contracts and ensures cost efficiency in IT investments.
    • Manages the IT team, develops talent and ensures good cooperation between IT and other departments.
    • Acts as an advisor to management, monitors IT governance and ensures compliance with regulations and security standards.
    Team Ideeds

    CIO ad interim, something for you?

    • Strong leadership skills and experience in leading IT teams and managing IT projects.
    • In-depth knowledge of information technology and trends, as well as the ability to develop strategic IT plans.
    • Excellent communication skills and ability to translate technical complexity to non-technical stakeholders.
    • Proven track record in implementing innovative technology solutions that support business goals.
    • Understanding of IT governance, risk management and regulatory compliance to ensure data security and privacy.

    What can you expect in our
    CIO Community?

    As an i.changer, we surround you with the right sounding board, training offer, network and all the other facilities we can offer!

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    All the training you need to shine as a CIO.
    The necessary tools and facilities to take on your role in a carefree manner.
    An extensive network of like-minded CIOs.

    CIO as a Service bij Novy


    "After our successful guidance of an ERP selection process with accompanying implementation support, Novy was ready to expand their further digitalisation. The roadmap included the roll-out of the ERP in the foreign branches, implementation of a PIM, a CRM and a webshop, optimisations in production with machine interfaces and quality management... To coordinate all this and to monitor the total overview, i.deeds was again called in. Meanwhile, we are 7 years on and Novy continues to count on our services at the rate of 2 days a week."

    Dominique Gobert
    CIO ad interim, Novy

    A crystal-clear application process

    Transparency and clarity are important to us at i.deeds. This works both ways. That's why we already explain the steps you follow before you start working at i.deeds.

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    Introduction by telephone

    During a telephone chat, we already get to know each other a little better. In doing so, we are happy to listen to your plans and ambitions.

    First interview

    In this interview, our Talent Manager Caroline will explore your future dreams and your motivation to join i.deeds.

    Second interview

    In a second personal interview, you will meet our CEO Bram and discuss your concrete role within i.deeds.


    We map out your competences with a test and a questionnaire. Then, together we map out your growth path.

    Welcome to i.deeds

    Let the champagne pop. Your career as a BI Consultant at i.deeds and your personal growth trajectory will shoot out of the starting blocks.

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