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Digital leadership during digital transformation

Leadership is an indispensable factor in the growth of any business. During the digital transformation, which is an end-to-end business transformation in which digitalization and technology play a central role, different leadership styles can be addressed.

Stijn Viane, Professor at Vlerick Business School, visualizes these styles in a 2x2 matrix. This matrix distinguishes between the following styles:

  • The vigilant leadership
    This leader is always aware of the latest technologies and startups. He monitors the change in customer behavior

  • The voyager leadership
    This leader explores solutions through ‘build measure learn’ cycles and is the first to turn ideas into experiments.

  • The visionary leadership
    The leader looks more at what it could be or what it should be and translates this vision into hard capabilities.

  • The vested leadership
    This leader goes beyond the experimental or the visionary. He ensures the realization of flexible and usable tools.

Whether it's about BI projects, selection projects or business process management, in guiding our customers it is important to recognize these styles and to know that a combination of the 4 styles ensures a good digital transformation.

In this workshop on digital leadership, which is part of the 'Expand your Digital Horizon' training program, the consultants of i.deeds were able to get acquainted with the different digital leadership styles in the form of a role-play under the guidance of Dr. Bjorn Cumps, Professor at Vlerick Business School. It certainly was an enriching experience for the entire team.