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First day on the job in quarantine

Today was Lore’s first day at i.deeds, albeit with a somewhat special onboarding process during this pandemic. 

Because i.deeds is fully committed to curb the spread of the coronavirus and flattening the curve, a personal welcome was replaced by a meeting on Skype. No coffee on arrival, but rather a quick pick up of equipment and car, then skyping from home. 

It may be quite an atypical onboarding, but digital conferencing is not uncommon in the IT sector, and since everyone is available, various meetings with colleagues were scheduled online. 

But how did feel about this experience? 

“It's a somewhat strange experience, to start in quarantine. Luckily, I had already been in contact with the team beforehand and received a reassuring phone call last week. A well-prepared team is ready to digitally guide me and coach me in the first few weeks.” 

Lore, we wish you a successful career at i.deeds, we will keep the personal welcome for another day!