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Milo Moerkerke, grandson of i.deeds managing director Lionel Vanpoucke, studied for a Master Science Energy Systems and Data Analytics at UCL. In this master's program, students learn how to unlock big energy data and link it to enormous computing resources in order to make data-driven decisions and help shape the energy sector of the future.

Milo presented some very concrete examples.

smart meter analytics

For example, the Indonesian government was looking for an answer to the question of what is the most optimal place to install renewable energy. Bringing together big data on topography, population, the energy network, etc. led to an allocation map that clearly showed the most interesting locations.

A second example was the bringing together of big data from smart energy meters in function of determining the impact of dynamic rates on the predictability of energy consumption.

foto Milo electric car

Finally, there was also the case for his thesis, an innovative e-mobility startup that wants to establish a highly reliable network of charging stations in the UK. To achieve this, they wanted a view on the reliability of the current charging stations in the network. Data analysis allowed to bring the right insights and thus to make the right choices when setting up their network.

It was a very interesting lecture that convinced us even more: data is the future and we are only at the beginning of the many possibilities that data analysis offers...

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This summer edition of our "i.deeds inspiring session" brought us plenty of inspiration to talk about at apleasant  get-together at Brasserie Le Bridon.