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Working @home


These are no easy times. At i.deeds, we are doing everything in our power to curb the spread of the coronavirus and to flatten the curve for our customers, our employees and society as a whole. 

Our team remains 100% operational for you. However, we have taken the necessary precautions to guarantee everyone’s health had safety. Our consultants are working from home as much as possible and are therefore still available to continue working on or discussing current and future projects. You can still join us in meetings or discussions, albeit digitally (via e-mail, mobile phone or video call). 

Together, and with these measures in place, we can all have a strong impact on this virus. If we show solidarity for each other and everyone plays their part, we will get through this together. Of course, we won't let you down in these difficult times and we will do everything we can to continue to offer the best possible service at all times. 

Let’s distance ourselves today and tomorrow, so that we might shake hands again soon. Stay safe and see you soon (virtually)!