Accelerate your financial success with efficient business processes in the finance department! Accurate and timely processing of financial data leads to better decision-making, reduces operational costs and minimises legal risks. Unlock your company's potential and achieve unparalleled growth by investing in streamlined processes. Choose efficiency and dominate the market with your financial performance.

Groep Daenens

Daenens Group

The business group formed by Nico Daenens consists of a number of large and medium-sized service cheque companies, a service company focusing on outsourcing experienced technicians, a social secretariat and a number of training centres. The group of companies has more than 14,000 employees and over 500 white-collar workers.

i.deeds supported Group Daenens in identifying their financial business intelligence (BI) needs and then set up a data warehouse and developed financial reports to meet these needs.

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