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Social sector & non-profits


Herwin is the umbrella organisation of Flemish thrift shops. With 27 different organisations spread across defined regions, they promote reuse and circular economy. Collected goods are sorted, repaired and sold through physical shops, online platforms and lending services such as a bicycle library and party equipment rental.

We carried out two selection processes for Herwin: one for software for logistics collections and transport orders, and one for a checkout programme for shops. In addition, a custom module was developed for reuse centres. These initiatives ensure efficient processes and better reporting.



Inagro is an organisation focused on innovation and consulting in the agriculture and food sector, providing research, practice-based solutions and knowledge sharing for sustainable agricultural practices.

We helped Inagro implement a Data Governance approach and set up professional reporting. For instance, we supported the transition from Qlik to Power BI, both in terms of reporting and the back-end (ETL, data warehouse).


Group Ubuntu

Group Ubuntu is a social enterprise committed to the inclusion and support of people with disabilities. They offer various employment opportunities and strive for social inclusion through various initiatives and projects.

We supported Group Ubuntu in the selection process for a new IT landscape, with a focus on integration and data exchange. Our services included the implementation of client files, CRM, integrated accounting, HR support and reporting.

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