Optimise your production lines, reduce downtime and minimise errors. By managing and analysing valuable data, you can better anticipate trends, reduce costs and improve product quality. Invest in efficient business processes and data-driven decisions to stay ahead of your competition and take your production to new heights.

Supply chain


Warnez is a leading company in the potato industry. They specialise in the processing and distribution of potato products, supplying high-quality potato products to customers worldwide. Innovation and quality are at the heart of their operations.

With i.deeds, we supported Warnez with services such as selecting an ERP application, links with production and transport applications, reporting in PowerBI, optimisations in production and implementation of a warehouse MES system.



Novy is a leading company specialising in kitchen ventilation and induction hobs. With innovative technologies and high-quality products, Novy offers solutions for an efficient and stylish kitchen experience.

i.deeds supported Novy in selecting a new ERP solution, implementing AX 2012 R3 in Belgium, the Netherlands and France, and advising and guiding various IT projects, including webshop, PIM, WMS, quality, transport and reporting.

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