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Cerba Research

Cerba Research is a leading global contract research company in the life sciences sector. With extensive expertise and cutting-edge technologies, they provide high-quality laboratory and research solutions to enable medical advances and improve people's health.

i.deeds supported Cerba Research in setting up a financial planning project for the CFO and replacing the old CTMS package. i.deeds' approach was appreciated and resulted in the investment in a new customised package, BARC BOARD and BARC SAFE, which we are also implementing operationally.



Inagro is an organisation focused on innovation and consulting in the agriculture and food sector, providing research, practice-based solutions and knowledge sharing for sustainable agricultural practices.

We helped Inagro implement a Data Governance approach and set up professional reporting. For instance, we supported the transition from Qlik to Power BI, both in terms of reporting and the back-end (ETL, data warehouse).

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