Optimise your production, reduce costs and deliver high-quality textile products faster than ever before. With accurate data management, you can predict trends, manage inventory levels and increase customer satisfaction. Invest in efficiency and data-driven strategies today to stay ahead of your competition and strengthen your position as a leading player in the textile industry. Achieve unprecedented growth and success in this dynamic industry.


Beaulieu International Group

Beaulieu International Group is a global player in flooring, textiles, semi-finished products and raw materials. They offer high-quality products, innovative solutions and an extensive product range to their customers worldwide.

i.deeds provides support to B.I.G. in setting up and developing the Corporate Data Warehouse, including minor adjustments, optimisations and report extensions. They also help with Power BI implementation and migration to the cloud, and provide operational support to the team in charge.



Picanol is a leading company in the textile industry. They develop and produce advanced weaving machines and offer innovative solutions for efficient weaving, enabling customers to produce high-quality textile products worldwide.

With i.deeds, we supported Picanol in standardising project management processes and applications in both the IT and R&D departments. Through business analysis, processes were optimised and a selection process was set up to select the right partner for Picanol.

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