Optimise your operational efficiency, reduce costs and improve utility delivery. With accurate data management, you can analyse trends, predict energy consumption and increase customer satisfaction. Invest in efficiency and data-driven strategies today to outperform your competitors and secure your position as a market leader. Deliver high-quality and reliable utilities and impress your customers in this dynamic sector.


Storm Windpower

Storm is a company dedicated to the development, manufacture and installation of wind turbines. They deliver sustainable and reliable renewable energy solutions with a focus on innovation, quality and environmental friendliness.

i.deeds supported Storm Windpower in conducting a functional analysis for a wind farm monitoring tool. Although the final customisation realisation was carried out by a partner of i.deeds, i.deeds actively monitored the project for content, quality and timing. The customised application enables Storm Windpower to track incidents, actions and inspections of their wind farms, and generates reports for management and sponsors.


Gutami Solar

Gutami Solar is a company specialising in solar energy solutions. They offer innovative and sustainable products and services, including the installation and maintenance of solar panels and the development of large-scale solar energy projects.

i.deeds set up the entire data infrastructure for Gutami Solar, including report delivery and training. Thus, we provided support in setting up the necessary systems and processes to operate efficiently.

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