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Our approach sets itself apart because our consultants are all aware that a project only has a chance of success if it is done with care for the organisation, the processes and the people. We are the bridge between IT and your business. 

Our approach: the journey

A BI project like ours is conducted in a controlled manner and goes through a number of phases. Perhaps you can best compare it to a journey, a challenge in which we guide, advise and support you on your way to the destination. In


In a few introductory conversations, we will examine your needs, the challenges you face and assess to what extent BI can help you. BI has a lot of potential and can effectively be a game changer for your organisation. But it is important that it is used correctly. No matter how good the hammer is, not everything is a nail...


Completing a project requires a lot of experience. Each successful project is always based on a clear scope: a clear definition of the project goal you want to achieve

During the implementation, the scope should always be monitored, and at the same time room must be provided for changes that allow the optimal solution to be realised along the way.

Proof of value

Nothing is as willing as a sheet of paper or a slide show to create great architecture. But ‘the proof of the pudding is in the eating', so it is important to show early on in the process that the proposed technology is actually delivering on its promises. We do this by setting up a proof of value architecture (in other words: "working software") in one or two sprints (read: “in a few weeks”), which should be able to convince both business and IT that the right choices have been made here.


Once the architecture has been established, the solution can be further expanded in a series of successive sprints. In doing so, we avoid the 'big bang' approach in which the transition is implemented in the very short term. With our iterative and incremental approach, the solution is systematically introduced into your organisation, which gives you the opportunity to master the solution at an achievable pace. In this way, user experiences are fed back to the development team more quickly and will often have a positive effect on the end result. At the same time, the risk of a blackout is greatly reduced.

Roll-out and guidance

A working solution includes so much more than just a working IT system. It goes without saying that the system must be correctly configured, set up and put into operation. However, people are and will always be the vital factor. They are therefore central to our approach. This is reflected, among other things, in the way in which we are going to involve key people in the design and testing from the very first prototypes onwards. Before and after the roll-out, the necessary care will also be taken in terms of organisation, working methods, documentation and coaching close to the people.


Each project is like a book: it has a preface, an introduction, continues to build the plot until it ends in a finale. And then the book closes... As does the project. 
Once the project has been completed, your organisation will be one step further ahead and new challenges will arise. There, too, we are happy to keep exploring the road ahead with you and help you proactively think about the future of your company and about how our BI solutions can help you with this.

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