Mapping your business processes

Every successful IT project has its starting point in the needs of the company. The best way to identify these, is to describe the business processes. Each process consists of several steps, which provide a certain input and are performed by someone or something. All of these combined steps ultimately result in an output, on the basis of which a decision can be made.

Understanding your strengths and weaknesses

By describing the processes in detail, we will learn to understand them and discover the strengths and weaknesses. We map out what and who is needed during the process, how the various steps in the process must be carried out, and how the efficiency and effectiveness of the process is monitored. In other words, the KPIs that steer the process. We present all this in a turtle diagram, which is often used by companies with an ISO-9001 certificate.


Knowledge stays within your company

We use the BPMN standard to visualise your business processes. The advantage of this is that your process descriptions are universal and are understood in the same way by everyone. Your communication surrounding processes, both internally and externally (for example the implementation partner of your new IT solution) will be more efficient.  

Moreover, the process descriptions are an ideal tool for training new employees and introducing them to your way of working.  

    Thanks to these process descriptions, you as a manager can be sure that the knowledge of a process no longer only lives in the minds of (some of) your people, but that this knowledge is also safeguarded within your company. i.deeds will make you aware of this during a process analysis project or during a selection process. 

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