Business processes

Guidance IT implementations and digital transformations

Making an IT choice is only the beginning! The implementation project is something that you as a company are not often confronted with and about which you may hear the wildest stories: projects that last more than twice as long or cost up to 5 times more than expected... To make sure this does not happen to your IT implementation project, it makes sense to let experienced consultants guide you.

During the supervision of a software implementation project (e.g. ERP, MES, WMS...), i.deeds is the ideal partner to keep both the software implementer and the customer up to date as an independent third party. This is the only way to deliver an IT project within the set timing, budget and scope.

For i.deeds, guiding IT implementations is an everyday occurrence. Our consultants contribute to the successful digital transformation of our customers by taking on the role of project leader.

Our project approach is based on change management. The change that such a project entails must be supported by the organization. We always pay sufficient attention to the involvement of the key users: they should take up their role as ambassadors for change with great enthusiasm. 

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