The perfect IT-solutions for your company

A range of IT solutions is available for every situation. Some are very innovative, or very sturdy and stable, others are extremely generic and can be used in different sectors. Still others focus very specifically on a niche market. The look and feel of one application is also more attractive than that of another. So there are numerous choices and decisions to be made.

How do you determine which is the most suitable IT solution for your company?

As a company director or a member of higher management, you are faced with the challenge of (re-)automating some or all of your business processes. This is not a simple choice, because:

  • You probably do not do this every day 
  • The material is abstract and therefore not very transparent 
  • It is difficult to make a comparison, because every proposal and every provider is different 
  • You and the providers rarely speak the same language 
  • The impact is often very large (on every area) 
  • There are considerable risks involved

I.deeds will advise you.

We guide you in the search for a solution that fits your business objectives, ambitions and budget. Thanks to the adequate and independent advice of people with the right experience, competence, personality, as well as a good sense of balance, you will be able to save a lot of money!

Our approach has been moulded into a methodology that we schematically present in this step-by-step process:

IT selection process
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