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Ruben & Stefano start their new job during social distancing

Welkom Ruben & Stefano website post.png

Even in these strange times, i.deeds continues to grow and we are proud to present Ruben and Stefano as new colleagues!

With #socialdistancing and #flattenthecurve in mind, no personal welcome, no tour of the building... but rather a cosy at-home onboarding.  

And what did Ruben and Stefano think of their first day at i.deeds? 

“Fantastic. In the morning we were immersed in i.deeds’ culture, in the afternoon we were already given a nice overview of the i.deeds approach for ERP selection processes. Looking forward to learn more!" (Ruben)

 “Very interesting! After a very thorough explanation in the morning about the ins and outs of I.deeds, we were then in the afternoon treated to a fascinating explanation about the methodology used by i.deeds for its ERP selection processes!” (Stefano) 

Ruben and Stefano, we hope you have a successful start, and wish you both nice and challenging projects, and a long career at i.deeds! A personal welcome will have to wait, but only for the time being!